49ers Struck by Seahawks’ Lightning

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Sep 182013
Seahawks fans cheer after scoring against 49ers

Seahawks fans cheer after scoring against 49ers

My son and I went to the historic Seahawks – 49ers game on Sunday and we were not disappointed. But the eventual thrashing of the 49ers, who were ranked #1 in most NFL polls, was not so obvious during the first quarter when both defenses were equally strong and both offenses were equally weak. Both Seahawks and 49er fans had a lot to think about during the one hour delay when the game was suspended due to lightning activity in the area.

The Seahawks, apparently energized by the storm delay, came out and owned the 49ers  for the rest of the game. The 49ers’ QB, Colin Kaepernick, was constantly stymied with his receivers all tightly covered by the Seattle corner backs. Seattle’s defense at home simply looks unstoppable.

The crowd was equally insurmountable. We broke the world record for the loudest stadium not once but twice; the record now stands at 136.6 decibels! Fortunately, we brought along earplugs which helped prevent damage to our eardrums. It was great being part of a Guinness world record.  Hopefully, the Seahawks will break another record this season and win their first Super Bowl…



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