A Great Season for Squid in Puget Sound

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Dec 282012
Squid caught in Puget Sound

Squid caught in Puget Sound

This has been a great season for catching Puget Sound squid off the piers in downtown Seattle. In previous years, I have been lucky to catch a handful of squid each outing. This year, however, I’ve managed to catch several dozen on certain nights (squid fishing is usually done with lights at night). And the size of the squid have been really big (up to 11 inches) compared to previous years. In contrast to previous years, I’ve actually seen people catch their daily limit of 10 lbs. this year. Ten pounds is a lot of squid!

Squid are caught with a fishing rod and small squid jigs along piers and docks. The “take” is subtle. Most of the time, you just feel some increased resistance as you are jigging. But the jumbo squid will put a little bend in your rod as you reel them up.

Squid fishing is fun but the best part of catching them is eating them fresh. I have a favorite calamari recipe that I will post soon.






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