About Us

Mount Rainier from the north

Mount Rainier from the north

We’re a group of men who are passionate about the lifestyle, culture, and environment of the Great Pacific Northwest. We are drawn to the outdoors, enjoy good food and friends, and try to stay healthy and fit. For those of us with children, achieving fatherhood nirvana is a priority. As we have moved beyond our younger years, we tend to catch more fish than women. And we won’t have much to say about six-pack abs or the latest men’s fashions since fleece hides our imperfections.

Although we may differ in our political and personal beliefs, we share a deep-rooted “sense of place” with the Pacific Northwest. We don’t always live on “the edge” but we aim to live life purposely, fully, and with no regrets. These are some of our stories and perspectives.


Header photo credit: B Mully.