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Mount Baker – Easton Glacier

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Mar 312012
Mount Baker - Easton Glacier

Looking up the Easton Glacier on the south side of Mount Baker to the summit.  Notice the three people in the lower right corner giving scale. Sun setting behind the Black Buttes adjoining Mount Baker. A view of contrasts, textures, and planes of color from high on the Easton glacier. A backcountry camp at 7000 […]

Outdoor Links: Huge Rivers and Mythical Beasts

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Mar 212012
Outdoor Links: Huge Rivers and Mythical Beasts

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Mar 172012
Escaping Northwest Winters to Warm Weather Destinations

The northwest weather can be grim at times from, optimistically, November through February.  An escape to a warmer climate can be a delight during this period.  Among the many convenient destinations easily reached from the Northwest are Southern California (Palm Springs, San Diego, etc.), Arizona, and Hawaii. Traveling to these locations in the winter can […]