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Cooper Lake Brown Trout

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Jun 282016
Cooper Lake Brown Trout

Last week I fished Cooper Lake, a high altitude lake northwest of the Salmon-La-Sac Campground on the eastern side of the Cascades. With rain and wind all day, it was a challenge keeping comfortable but the chance to catch some big brown trout helped us persevere through the weather. Near the end of the day, a storm eventually […]

Spring Mushrooms in the Eastern Cascades

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Jun 082016
Spring Mushrooms in the Eastern Cascades

My friend and I went morel hunting last week on the Eastern slopes of the Cascades near Leavenworth. After searching many miles of forest service roads, we were humbled by the elusiveness of our prey. However, I did find three new (to me) edible mushrooms as a consolation. By far, the easiest mushroom to spot […]

Spot Prawn Fishing in Puget Sound

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May 192016
Spot Prawn Fishing in Puget Sound

  With a dire forecast of showers and choppy wind waves the previous evening, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about embarking on my first shrimping trip on Puget Sound yesterday. But, being a shrimp lover and not having shrimped before, I really wanted to try harvesting these tasty crustaceans from the deep. I was relying on […]

Catching Spring Largemouth Bass Lunkers

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Apr 262016
Catching Spring Largemouth Bass Lunkers

With the recent springtime temperatures, the lake waters are warming up stirring renewed life among its creatures. As water temperatures reach the 50s, largemouth bass will emerge from deeper waters and start cruising the shallows in search of spawning locations. These sites are typically near rocks, logs, and other bottom structure. On a perfect sunny […]

Fly Fishing Montana’s Kootenay River

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Apr 102016
Fly Fishing Montana's Kootenay River

A friend and I had the privilege of fly fishing the Kootenay River in northwestern Montana last weekend. The Kootenay, a freestone river, has decent numbers of cutthroats, rainbows and bull trout. Most of the river is big water with strong, swift current at this time of the year, so it’s not a particularly friendly fishery […]

Surprise Wedding on Alaska Flight 461 at 35,000 Feet

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Feb 202016
Surprise Wedding on Alaska Flight 461 at 35,000 Feet

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something surprises you. Last night, on Alaska flight #461 coming back to Seattle from Los Angeles, the flight attendants announced that there would be a special celebration on board. Immediately, I was thinking someone was going to propose or something. But it was one level better. A […]

Smelt Dip Netting on the Cowlitz River

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Feb 072016
Smelt Dip Netting on the Cowlitz River

                      A few friends and I went to the Cowlitz River near Castle Rock, WA yesterday to try our hand at catching smelt. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife set a one-day (actually 7AM to 1PM) season for dip netting for smelt. I’ve been […]

The Sun is Shining on the Seahawks

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Dec 252015
The Sun is Shining on the Seahawks

A strange object in the sky appeared at last Sunday’s Seahawks Browns game. The forecast called for cold and showery weather at game time so 69,000+ fans were shocked when the sun came out for the 12s in December. The sun warming us after a few weeks of rain. The Seahawks dominating again and winning […]

Dec 042015
Dungeness Crab Cakes with Lime Sour Cream Sauce Recipe

The dreary skies and short days of fall in the Northwest are notorious for getting people down. So I often look upon local foods to brighten up dinner time and to remind me of the warm sunny days spent harvesting Puget Sound seafood. Few foods are better at alleviating fall doldrums than Dungeness crab. Here’s a recipe […]

Oct 312015
First Pacific NW Chanterelle Mushroom Harvest!

  I’ve been interested in mushroom hunting for a long time but haven’t acted on it until now. Fall, as all good NW fishermen know, is prime time for salmon fishing and everything else is secondary. But I finally decided to learn mushrooming this fall. Many mushroom experts recommend that newbies start with the Pacific NW chanterelle, […]