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Trout Fishing at Leech Lake, WA

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Jul 012015
Trout Fishing at Leech Lake, WA

The heat wave in Western WA over the past couple of weeks has put a damper on trout fishing in the lowlands so many fishermen are looking to the hills for cooler waters. Leech Lake near Mt. Rainier, a high altitude flyfishing only lake, is one of my favorite lakes because of the scenery, prolific […]

Jun 152015
Epic Views and Day on Mt. St. Helen's Climb June 2015

Few words can adequately describe my ascent of Mt. St. Helen’s this weekend. Grandeur? The missing north end of the mountain and growing dome in the crater convey the powerful destruction and renewal of nature. Gratefulness? The heart-pumping hours of effort it took to scale this mountain makes me grateful that I still have a […]

Apr 222015
Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler, Halfway House Restaurant, Brinnon

  Nothing is as soothing and replenishing after a hard day clamming at the beach than devouring the cobbler of the day at the Halfway House Restaurant in Brinnon. A shellfish harvesting pilgrimage to Dosewallips State Park is not complete without a huge homemade cobbler a la mode. My choice was the strawberry rhubarb cobbler and it did not disappoint. […]

Apr 042015
Comfort Ramen at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Bellevue

    My daughter and I were recently in the mood for some ramen noodles after a Seattle Times foodie review of ramen restaurants in the Seattle area. The writer boldly stated that “Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is easily the best ramen in Western Washington.” A statement like that couldn’t go unchecked. I had to see […]

Early Spring is Blooming in Seattle

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Feb 222015
Early Spring is Blooming in Seattle

While much of the Northeastern and Midwestern US has been bombarded with snow and ice storms, we’ve had a very mild winter in the Seattle area this season. The highs have been in the 50s and even 60s off and on for the past couple of weeks. The sun–long forgotten by most Seattleites during the winter–has […]

Sub-$2 Gas in the Seattle Area

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Feb 032015
Sub-$2 Gas in the Seattle Area

How low can you get? Gas prices that is. As everyone knows, gas prices have been falling precipitously for the past several months. I was surprised when I found this Arco station in Renton WA selling gas at $1.79 a gallon the other day! Not too long ago, I remember pumping gas at $4.25 a […]