“Beast Quake II” at Saints – Seahawks Game

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Jan 132014
Saints vs Seahawks Game at CenturyLink

Saints vs Seahawks Game at CenturyLink

It was quite an experience Saturday as the Seahawks beat down the Saints in a NFC divisional game at CenturyLink Field.  The Seahawks were leading comfortably most of the game but, as the Saints suddenly closed the margin in the 4th quarter, fans around me became a little anxious. However, that anxiety was quickly relived by a clutch 31-yard TD run with a few minutes left in the game by “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch.

As they did against the very same Saints team in the 2011 playoffs, ecstatic 12th Man fans shook up the ground under the stadium causing a minor earthquake, “Beast Quake II.”

By winning the game, the Seahawks will host this Sunday’s highly anticipated NFC Championship game against the arch-rival 49ers! Well, the 49ers, being from California, should be used to feeling earthquakes, right? Let’s make them feel at home and generate a few more earthquakes for our guests at this Sunday’s showdown.



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