Catching Spring Largemouth Bass Lunkers

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Apr 262016
Largemouth bass on a bunny leech fly

Largemouth bass on a red bead bunny leech fly

With the recent springtime temperatures, the lake waters are warming up stirring renewed life among its creatures. As water temperatures reach the 50s, largemouth bass will emerge from deeper waters and start cruising the shallows in search of spawning locations. These sites are typically near rocks, logs, and other bottom structure.

On a perfect sunny day this weekend on a local lake, I met a springtime bass in spawning mode. Stripping a big white bunny leech with a red bead in about five feet of water, my line was suddenly slammed and the fight was on. I knew it was big by its spunk. It was patiently coaxed to my net and realized it was clearly a personal best at 15 inches! And it was fat. Spring is the best time to catch largemouth lunkers so now is the time to take off from work early and go bass’in.


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