Jul 112012
Impressive Architecture of the Lake Washington United Methodist Church, Kirkland, WA

A few weeks ago, my daughters had their annual piano recital hosted by their piano teacher. As always, there was a range of technical skills but the students generally did very well. This year, the recital was held at the Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland, WA. I had never been inside this church […]

Baby Island off of Whidbey Island

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Jun 252012
Baby Island off of Whidbey Island

On a recent trip to Whidbey Island near Langley WA, I was looking out toward Puget Sound and saw a tiny island that I did not recognize. It turned out to be Baby Island, located in Saratoga Passage. Many years ago, it was a bigger island and a gathering place for picnickers, fishermen, and clam […]

Happy as a Clam at Dosewallips State Park

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Jun 222012
Happy as a Clam at Dosewallips State Park

On a picture perfect day last weekend, I went clamming with some friends to Dosewallips State Park on the Hood Canal. Dosewallips is one of my favorite places to harvest clams and oysters in Washington state because it has a scenic beach, there’s a ton of space for everyone, and the shellfish is plentiful. This […]

May 242012
Ceiling of the Northern Lights Dome Room in the Arctic Building

  I was recently inside the famousĀ Northern Lights Dome Room in the Arctic Building in downtown Seattle for a business meeting. As I was listening to the speakers talk about their businesses, I could not resist glancing up toward the ornate ceiling that was beckoning for attention. The Arctic Building was originally built for the […]

May 072012
How to Fix a Leaking Delta Two-Handle Bathroom Faucet

A two-handle Delta bathroom faucet started leaking from the spigot recently. Rather than calling a plumber and spending triple digits for a simple repair, I decided to tackle it myself. I first did some research on the Internet and concluded that the mostly likely solution is to replace the seat and spring in the affected […]

Apr 282012
My Daughter's Three Favorite Rides at Legoland, California

The other week, I took my youngest daughter to Legoland California for a short spring break vacation. Located in Carlsbad about 35 miles north of San Diego Airport, Legoland is a tamer version of Disneyland for younger kids. Upon entering the park, my 8-year-old daughter, an adventurer by heart, immediately gravitated to the “big kid” […]