Oct 252014
Reminiscing Dumplings at Bellevue's Dough Zone Restaurant

My mother-in-law has had a healthy addiction to dumplings ever since we spotted them on the streets of Xian while touring China in the 90s. Yes, Seattle and Xian are several Great Walls apart culturally but I figured we could get her a dumpling fix at the dumpling house, Dough Zone, near the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue WA. My family […]

Sep 112014
Steamed Puget Sound English Sole With Soy Sauce and Ginger Recipe

During the summer, a friend invited me to help drop pots for Dungeness crabs in Puget Sound. While waiting to check on the pots, we jigged for flatfish. The fishing was almost nonstop–we hooked an English sole every few minutes. Most were fairly small but a few were “dinner size” so they were destined for […]

May 252014
Marionberry Cobbler á la Mode at the Halfway House, Brinnon, WA

Stopping for a slice of homemade pie at the Halfway House Restaurant in Brinnon is always a great way to cap off a great day after digging for clams and slurping oysters on the beach. As the norm, the selection of pies made  it difficult to choose which treat to have. But, after the waitress announced […]

May 252014
Slurping Wild Oysters at Dosewallips State Park

Shucking and slurping wild oysters at Dosewallips State Park is one of my favorite pastimes in the Northwest. Several dozens of people had the same idea today but the beach has plenty of room to accommodate a lot more people. Although we did not see the sun today, the weather was great with the forecasted rain not […]

May 162014
Mother's Day Dim Sum at Harbor City, Seattle ID District

  On Mother’s Day, I took the family to Harbor City Restaurant in Seattle’s ID District. Knowing that it would be crowded, we arrived early around 9:40am to get a table. We were a little surprised that the wait was already 20 minutes when we arrived and even more surprised when the wait turned into […]

Whole Roast Pig BBQ

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Aug 292013
Whole Roast Pig BBQ

My friend Jeff invited me to a whole roast pig BBQ a few weeks ago and I gladly accepted as I have never seen a whole pig barbecued before outside of a commercial establishment. Jeff, having hosted a roast pig BBQ for 18 years, was clearly an expert in the method of whole pig BBQ. He […]

Jun 112013
Shucking Shellfish by the Seashore at Dosewallips State Park

There’s no better food than food that you eat seconds after you harvest it. The other day, I took some friends to Dosewallips State Park for a day of clamming and oyster shucking. After a quick lesson in oyster shucking, we able to fill a plate full of fresh Pacific oysters. A little cocktail sauce […]

Beaver Lake Stocker Rainbow Trout

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May 132013
Beaver Lake Stocker Rainbow Trout

A few days ago, I took advantage of the recent nice sunny weather in Seattle to do some lake fishing on Beaver Lake near Issaquah. The lake, recently stocked with larger than normal rainbows, provided some nice action and a welcomed break from work. With only a few others on the lake that day, it […]

Super Menu for Super Bowl Potluck

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Feb 042013
Super Menu for Super Bowl Potluck

We hosted an excellent, delicious Super Bowl potluck at our house yesterday. Five other families came over to indulge in football, food and friendship. Watching the Super Bowl with friends and family is one of the quintessential American traditions. In the end, the food turned out to be more exciting than the game in my […]