Preferred Parking for Electric or Hybrid Vehicles

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Sep 062013
Preferred Parking for Electric or Hybrid Vehicles

Last week, while I was parking my car at my doctor’s office, I was surprised to see a sign for “Preferred Parking for Electric or Hybrid Vehicles.” There were 5-6 parking spaces close to the building entrance that were so designated. I first hesitated to park in the spaces even though I drive a Toyota […]

Kids’ Braces in Seattle Sounders Colors

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Jun 292012
Kids' Braces in Seattle Sounders Colors

When my youngest daughter went to get her first braces fitted a couple of weeks ago, she was delighted that she got to choose colors for the brackets in her braces. Almost without hesitation, she decided to go for the Seattle Sounders look. The lime green and blue colors matches her Sounders jerseys quite well! […]

Root Canals — A Necessary Evil

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Jun 122012
Root Canals -- A Necessary Evil

A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly wasn’t feeling very well with a headache and some vague, intermittent pain on the right side of my face. Initially, I attributed the discomfort to sinus inflammation from allergies. However, a couple of days later, the pain abruptly increased in intensity and I was left awake all night […]

Mar 192012
Do You Know Where Your Seafood and Fresh Produce Come From?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported last week that foodborne disease outbreaks associated with imported foods rose in 2009 and 2010. Ok, not surprising at all. The CDC also found that fish and spices were the most common sources of foodbone outbreaks linked to imported foods. OK, that’s a little surprising. On […]

Mar 172012
Escaping Northwest Winters to Warm Weather Destinations

The northwest weather can be grim at times from, optimistically, November through February.  An escape to a warmer climate can be a delight during this period.  Among the many convenient destinations easily reached from the Northwest are Southern California (Palm Springs, San Diego, etc.), Arizona, and Hawaii. Traveling to these locations in the winter can […]

Vitamin D Deficiency in the Northwest

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Mar 112012
Vitamin D Deficiency in the Northwest

As everyone knows, Northwest winters are pretty dark, wet, and gloomy. In any given year in the Seattle area,we only get a total of 58 sunny days! Compare that to 84 days in Chicago, 98 days in New York, 160 days in San Francisco, and 211 days in Phoenix! Exposure to sunshine is necessary for […]

Mar 112012
The Benefits of Playing Video Games among Children

Like many other parents with children approaching their teen years, I’ve often wondered about how much video game playing should be allowed. If left to their own devices, I know my kids would play for hours without even a potty break. Some parents I know let their kids play whenever they want to the point […]