Jun 152015
Epic Views and Day on Mt. St. Helen's Climb June 2015

Few words can adequately describe my ascent of Mt. St. Helen’s this weekend. Grandeur? The missing north end of the mountain and growing dome in the crater convey the powerful destruction and renewal of nature. Gratefulness? The heart-pumping hours of effort it took to scale this mountain makes me grateful that I still have a […]

Early Spring is Blooming in Seattle

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Feb 222015
Early Spring is Blooming in Seattle

While much of the Northeastern and Midwestern US has been bombarded with snow and ice storms, we’ve had a very mild winter in the Seattle area this season. The highs have been in the 50s and even 60s off and on for the past couple of weeks. The sun–long forgotten by most Seattleites during the winter–has […]

Jumbo Rainbow Trout at Beaver Lake

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Nov 132014
Jumbo Rainbow Trout at Beaver Lake

  My 5 wt. Redington fly rod  got quite the workout last week after Beaver Lake received several truckloads of jumbo trout. Except when fishing in British Columbia lakes, my  rod seldom gets severely tested and bent over by a rainbow trout. But these fat Beaver Lake trout, averaging 3 pounds each, can easily snap […]

Redmond Watershed Preserve Hike

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Oct 142014
Redmond Watershed Preserve Hike

Here are some photos from my hike in the Redmond Watershed Preserve the other day with my daughter and her friends. There’s a decent network of trails for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians although we saw mostly trail runners that day. All the trails are wide, level, and well maintained and great for small kids. […]

Backpacking the Middle Fork Teanaway River Trail

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Sep 082014
Backpacking the Middle Fork Teanaway River Trail

A few weeks ago, I backpacked the Middle Fork Teanaway River Trail with my son and another father/son duo. The trail was an easy and flat hike through forested terrain. Most of the trail is an easy walk but you’ll need to cross the stream, full of slippery rocks, quite a few times. If you go, wear […]

Aug 192014
King Salmon at the WDFW George Adams Fish Hatchery

  I happened to be in the Hood Canal today so I dropped by the  WDFW George Adams Fish Hatchery just north of Shelton. I expected to see the king salmon swimming  in the holding pens but instead watched the hatchery staff sort salmon into big plastic containers. The surplus salmon was being donated to several food banks.  It was a […]

May 252014
Slurping Wild Oysters at Dosewallips State Park

Shucking and slurping wild oysters at Dosewallips State Park is one of my favorite pastimes in the Northwest. Several dozens of people had the same idea today but the beach has plenty of room to accommodate a lot more people. Although we did not see the sun today, the weather was great with the forecasted rain not […]