Oct 292014
Weed Bowl More Likely than Super Bowl for Seahawks This Season?

  After the Seahawks romp over the Green Bay Packers in the opening game of the 2014 NFL season, the 12th Man was expecting another run to the Super Bowl in 2015. Perhaps Seattleites should expect to play Denver again in the “Weed Bowl” rather than the Super Bowl this year? Since the dominating performance […]

Feb 052014
Celebrating at the Seahawks Super Bowl Parade with 700,000 Other Fans

I pulled my kids out of school a little early today to attend the very first Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade in downtown Seattle. As I drove, I sensed that there would be a huge crowd today when, many miles away from our destination,  we started seeing fans walking downtown. Needless to say, traffic was […]

Orange Crushed! Seahawks Dominate Broncos

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Feb 032014
Orange Crushed! Seahawks Dominate Broncos

What a dominating performance by the Seahawks last night in crushing the big Orange (aka the best offense in NFL history)! In contrast to the earlier Seahawks playoff games this season, there was never a doubt about the outcome of the game after the first few minutes. Even though I was somewhat confident of a […]

The 12th Man: Restless in Seattle

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Jan 302014
The 12th Man: Restless in Seattle

The 12th Man (and Woman) has totally taken over the Seattle area since the Seahawks won a heart-stopping battle against the 49ers a week and a half ago in the NFC Championships. You see Seahawks gear, flags, signs, and colors everywhere you go. In fact, I saw a small airplane dragging a 12th man flag […]

“Beast Quake II” at Saints – Seahawks Game

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Jan 132014
"Beast Quake II" at Saints - Seahawks Game

It was quite an experience Saturday as the Seahawks beat down the Saints in a NFC divisional game at CenturyLink Field.  The Seahawks were leading comfortably most of the game but, as the Saints suddenly closed the margin in the 4th quarter, fans around me became a little anxious. However, that anxiety was quickly relived […]

Curling in Seattle for the First Time

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Dec 272013
Curling in Seattle for the First Time

I went curling for the first time over the holidays at the Granite Curling Club in Seattle. I really didn’t know what to expect as my only previous exposure to the sport of curling was limited to what I saw on TV coverage of past Olympics. After a lesson from our instructor, we played a […]

Seahawks Halloween Pumpkin

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Nov 012013
Seahawks Halloween Pumpkin

In honor of the franchise record 7-1 season the Seahawks are having, my daughter decided to dress up as a Seahawks player this Halloween. Along with that theme, we carved the Seahawks logo on her pumpkin. It got a lot of compliments from Trick or Treaters.

49ers Struck by Seahawks’ Lightning

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Sep 182013
49ers Struck by Seahawks' Lightning

My son and I went to the historic Seahawks – 49ers game on Sunday and we were not disappointed. But the eventual thrashing of the 49ers, who were ranked #1 in most NFL polls, was not so obvious during the first quarter when both defenses were equally strong and both offenses were equally weak. Both […]