Deflated in Seattle After Super Bowl

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Feb 022015


Deflated ball after Super Bowl

Deflated ball after Super Bowl

Seahawks fans like myself are still processing what happened in the final 30 seconds of the Super Bowl last night. The team hung like bulldogs with the Patriots in the first half, endured dancing sharks at halftime, and then took a 10 point lead in the third quarter. It sure looked like a another Seahawks victory over a future Hall of Fame QB and the first repeat Super Bowl Champion in the last decade.

But Tom Brady showed the nation why he is an elite QB in the 4th quarter. When the Patriots took the lead again after two long drives under his crisp and decisive passing, our spirits were deflated with only a couple of minutes left in the game.

Our hopes were once again boosted by Jermaine Kearse’s juggling catch on his back. With less than 30 seconds to go and the ball on the 1-yard line on 2nd down, a rushing TD by Beastmode was all but a given. I was ready to celebrate another roller coaster Seahawks win with our 30 Super Bowl party guests. But no mini-earthquakes occurred in Seattle last night. When the Patriots intercepted the ball on the incredulous pass play to Lockette, all energy and hope was suddenly and totally deflated.

Without a doubt, the Seahawks lost due to poor play calling at the end but they also had their chances to stop the Patriots offense in the final quarter but simply didn’t. Fans and analysts will continue to criticize the play call for months and even years to come but there’s little benefit to dwelling on what could or should have happened.

February in the Northwest is rainy and dreary with limited outdoor distractions. The Super Bowl loss will add to the normal gloom. But I’m grateful for the Seahawks exciting and dramatic run to get to their consecutive Super Bowl this season. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long seven months until the next run.



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