Dim Sum Guide: Steamed Meatballs

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Mar 242012
Steamed Chinese meatballs

Steamed Chinese meatballs

A classic dim sum, steamed Chinese beef meatball (ngau yuk),  is a treat for carnivores. The meatball is made of ground beef (some restaurants may add pork) and sits on top of a layer of bean curd skin. The garnish on top is usually green scallions, peas, or watercress. The server will ask if you want your meatballs cut in half or served with a dash of Worcestershire sauce when she hands them to you. I’ve often wondered how this non-Chinese sauce ever got introduced to dim sum.

Steamed Chinese meatballs taste quite different from the meatballs you may make with spaghetti. Steamed meatballs are firmer and smoother in texture and are lighter. These meatballs are so delicious that my son ate five meatballs (make sure you cut them into tiny pieces first) in one sitting when he was a finicky toddler!



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  1. re the comment at http://nwedge.com/dim-sum-guide-steamed-meatballs/

    Worcestershire sauce in Chinese food apparently came into use because it is exceedingly similar in taste to black Chinkiang vinegar, which wasn’t available in North America (except that now it IS widely available.) Meanwhile, Worcestershire sauce crept into the recipe for yu-hsiang (fish-taste) sauce and other Chinese favorites.

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