Eastsound WA: Nice Views and Shops for the Family

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Aug 192012
View from Eastsound waterfront park

Beautiful view from Eastsound waterfront park

Eastsound is the largest town on Orcas Island in the San Juan Island chain. When I visited several weeks ago, I found it to be a quaint and pleasing place to visit. It has most of the essentials you’ll need in a small town (or village) as long as you’re OK with just one or two choices.

Quaint shops in Eastsound WA

Quaint shops in Eastsound WA

Most of Eastsound’s several restaurants seem to cater mainly to tourists given their rather high prices. The supermarket was better than I expected with a large selection of foods. It was a little more expensive than back home but food prices were reasonable. The people in the ACE hardware store and gift shops were very helpful. The Eastsound sporting goods store has most of what you need in case you forget your favorite toys.

One of the highlights for me was the view from the nice little south-facing waterfront park. I definitely recommend a visit to Eastsound (and Orcas Island) with the family.



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