Goodbye Peyton, Hello Matt!

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Mar 152012
Seattle Seahawks game

Seattle Seahawks game

The Seattle Times is reporting that Matt Flynn will be visiting Seattle today. When free agency started Tuesday, I got a little worried when there was no news about the Seahawks talking to Flynn. I really hope we get Flynn now that Peyton Manning is obviously not Seattle bound. Manning didn’t even want to visit us. Maybe Peyton took a look at the weather in Seattle this week and decided that QBs and rain don’t mix well?

Matt Flynn may well be the best QB hope for the Seahawks this year. Since the Seahawks pick 12th in the NFL draft, I don’t see a QB prospect available at that point in the draft who has more promise than Flynn. The best of all worlds would be for Seattle to sign Flynn AND draft a QB in Round 2 or 3 just in case Flynn doesn’t shine like in his first two NFL games. If he plays anything like he did in the Packers – Lions game last year, the 12th Man will go crazy this season.

I am relieved to learn that Chad Henne signed with the Jaguars last night so he will not be visiting Seattle after all. I just didn’t see the point; Henne is a mediocre QB at best who hasn’t blossomed after three years. A sudden turnaround in year four would be very unlikely.

May the Manning sweepstakes end and the Flynn sweepstakes begin!



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