Mariners Need More Offense to Compete in 2012

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Mar 142012

Seattle Mariners game

Seattle Mariners game

With the MLB season just a couple of weeks away, it’s hard to imagine the Mariners being competitive this year without any proven big bats. There is no way that you can expect them to beat the powerhouse Angels or Rangers when their offense can’t score more than a couple of runs per game! And both the Angels and Rangers have upgraded their rosters this season, especially with the addition of future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols.

The Mariners do have several young players such as Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, Mike Carp and Jesus Montero, who could become All-Stars one day but probably not this year. So I think we are in for a long season again. On the bright side, they couldn’t do much worse than they did in the past two years–or could they?

I agree with the Mariner’s GM Jack Zduriencik plan to rebuild the organization by focusing on its own prospects. But, unlike the NFL, it takes a long time to rebuild a baseball team using the farm system. I don’t see the Mariners seriously competing for the division until they have at least a few consistent power hitters on their squad.

When Zduriencik came to the Mariners a few years ago, he overhauled the team by emphasizing defense. Well, the past few years have shown that, in contrast to football, good defense in baseball doesn’t win many games. And good defense certainly doesn’t draw the crowds. C’mon Jack, give us fans some more offense for a change.


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