Matt Flynn, the Next Seahawks Franchise QB?

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Mar 212012
Seattle Seahawks game

Seattle Seahawks game

I am totally stoked that the Seahawks finally got a QB who looks like a franchise QB. That hasn’t happened since Matt Hasselbeck became a starter almost 10 years ago!

For a while there, I thought the Dolphins would sign him over the weekend but apparently Miami didn’t think Flynn was worth the money. I don’t know if he is worth a three-year, $26 million contract but Flynn is  already my kind of guy because he apparently went fishing to celebrate this signing with the Seahawks!

True, Flynn is still an untested signal caller with only two starts under his belt. But his two games against the Patriots and Lions were better performances than we saw from any Seahawks QB in recent memory. Flynn threw 9 TDs in his two games whereas Tarvaris Jackson threw only 14 TDs for the entire 2011 season!

The signing of Flynn takes a lot of pressure off of the upcoming draft. Now they can focus on beefing up their pass rush, maybe a big RB, and some insurance WRs in case Rice doesn’t heal completely. I’m looking forward to see what happens in the April draft.


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