Peamouth Minnow Spawning in Kelsey Creek

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Apr 302012
Peamouth minnows spawning in Kelsey Creek

Peamouth minnows spawning in Kelsey Creek

As a volunteer for the “Stream Team” in Bellevue WA, I help monitor the annual peamouth minnow migration from Lake Washington to Kelsey Creek. They returned to Kelsey Creek today for their annual spawning ritual.

There are thousands of them stacked up in a creek about 10 feet across. There are so many that some of them spill over onto the rocks lining the banks. It is an amazing sight. They only hang around for 24-48 hours before returning to Lake Washington.

Peamouths are about a foot long and live an average of eight years. When they spawn, the stream is filled with many thousands of sticky little eggs that takes about a week to hatch.



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