Pink Salmon Fever Returns to Puget Sound, 2015

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Sep 162015
Line of fishermen at Lincoln Park, West Seattle

Line of pink salmon fishermen at Lincoln Park, West Seattle

Pink salmon fever had been epidemic in the Puget Sound for a few weeks now and it shows little signs of dissipating anytime soon. Tackle shops have seen a big run on pink lures and flies, parking lots next to fishing holes have been jammed with cars, and fishermen have no immunity to salmon fever.

Pink salmon, having spent two years out in the ocean, return to Washington waters every other odd year to spawn and die. On their journey to create new generations, they must pass a gauntlet of hazards, including hungry sea lions, walls of eager fishermen, and low river flows due to this year’s drought.

Male pink salmon just starting to grow a hump

Male pink salmon just starting to grow a hump

Although I have witnessed many pink salmon runs, I am amazed and in awe every time I see them running up the rivers with every ounce of remaining strength as their dying bodies morph into reproductive machines. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have such a pure and simple goal in life!


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