Pink Salmon Fishing on the Stillaguamish River

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Sep 132013
Pink salmon from the Stillaguamish River

Pink salmon from the Stillaguamish River



After a couple of unsuccessful outings for pink salmon, I decided to  fish the Stillaguamish River with a friend yesterday. It was a sunny, warm day and I was optimistic about our chances since recent fishing reports were positive. When we arrived at our fishing location, however, our optimism quickly turned south as none of the approximately 20 fishermen  had a hookup.

Within the first 15 minutes, however, I landed my first pink salmon of the year on a pink comet fly. The second fish was just as bright and fiesty as the first.  My friend later reported that they were great table fare.

It has been a strange year for the pink salmon run in the Puget Sound. Normally, the run is robust and pinks are plentiful and willing to bite in both salt and fresh water. Not so this year. Many of my fishing friends have been disappointed in the 2013 run so far. When the fish are around, they have not been as active as in past runs. It’s anyone’s guess why this is.


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