Nov 252014
Seahawks beat Cardinals 19-3 at CenturyLinkSeahawks beat Cardinals 19-3 at CenturyLink

Seahawks beat Cardinals 19-3 at CenturyLink


Despite the final score, it was quite a nerve-racking game at CenturyLink this Sunday. It was do-or-die time for the Seahawks against the Cardinals, who came into Seattle as the NFL’s top team at 9-1. When the Seahawks failed to convert a touchdown on their first few trips to the red zone, I got a sinking feeling that the Cardinals would ultimately rally back in the second half. But, alas, the Seahawks suffocating defense from their Super Bowl season showed up on Sunday and the Cardinals would go home to Arizona with a single field goal! With a better QB than Drew Stanton though, the Cardinals could have fared much better.

Just the day before the game, the forecast called for rain and winds up to 20 mph in Seattle. Instead, we had temps in the 50s and sunny skies at the game! Perhaps it’s an omen for a stellar season finish for the Seahawks?

With remaining games against the 49ers (twice), Cardinals, Eagles and Rams, the Seahawks have the NFL’s toughest remaining schedule. They will need to win at least 3 more games to have a decent shot at one of the wildcard spots.

The first test for the Seahawks will be Thanksgiving Day at the 49ers. It will be a close game and I’m hoping I won’t get indigestion while watching it.


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