Seattle Mariners Win Series with the Texas Rangers

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Sep 232012
Mariners versus Rangers baseball game at Safeco Field

Mariners versus Rangers baseball game at Safeco Field

I was at the first game of the Seattle Mariners – Texas Rangers series at Safeco Field a couple of days ago. I came prepared to see the Mariners get trounced by a much more offensively talented team as they usually do. Much to my surprise, not only were the Mariners competitive, but they actually won the game and scored more than a couple of runs. The Mariners subsequently won the short series with the Rangers this weekend.

This season, as in recent years, the Mariners have struggled to score runs. For whatever reasons, the Mariners have been slow to realize that, no matter how good your pitching is, you still need to score runs to win baseball games.

As the season winds down, it’s clear that the Mariners will not make the playoffs but perhaps they can demonstrate that they have the seeds for a brighter season next year.


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