Seattle Rains Finally Come After Long Dry Spell

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Oct 132012
Autumn leaves turning red in Seattle area

Autumn leaves turning red in Seattle area

After an unusually long dry spell this summer, the rains have finally arrived in the Seattle area. The leaves, as if in synch, are starting to turn to their deep reds and yellows. The fleece jackets are out in full display.

This has been a phenomenal summer and early fall weather-wise. Seattle’s has recorded only 0.03 inches of rain since July 23rd! We’ve had about 78 days without significant rain–the driest period on record since 1945. It was weird to wake up to so many sunny mornings.

With the storms rolling in this weekend, everyone recognizes that we’re back to business as usual. Many of us are hunkering down with our books or tablets for our usual rainy weather until next spring. But the rivers, trees, and fish here need the sustaining rain. Salmon in the Puget Sound are milling about in the saltwater in the last few weeks. They need the rain to provide the trigger for them to move up to their freshwater spawning grounds.

I welcome the rain; it’s what makes Western Washington so green and beautiful.


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