Jul 192012
Dusk at Lake Langlois, Carnation

Dusk at Lake Langlois, Carnation

Last night, I decided to check out Lake Langlois near Carnation, WA for a couple hours of fishing at dusk. Registering close to 90 feet on my fish finder in some places, Lake Langlois is one of the deepest small lakes near Seattle.

Lake Langlois is a beautiful lake in large part due to its relatively undeveloped shoreline. The lake contains many sunken trees and logs along the shoreline providing excellent habitat for fish and other aquatic animals. Almost all of the shoreline is lined with evergreens. Although its less than 30 minutes from a major city, you feel like you’re in the wilderness.

My couple of hours on the lake were especially enjoyable as I was the only person there. The sky was overcast, there was no wind. There were some distant conversations heard through the woods among the girls at the nearby Girl Scout camp but, as dinner time came, their talking abruptly stopped. Hunger must have beckoned them. It became dead quiet, just me and my float tube on the water. A huge blue heron flew directly overhead and silently landed nearby. The bird was oblivious to me.

As darkness set in, I started hearing the birds and frogs calling louder and louder…

I only caught on largemouth bass that evening but my intimate experience with Lake Langlois was well worth it. I’ll be back again.



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