Oct 292014
Weed Bowl Tshirt at Pike Place Market

Weed Bowl T-shirt at Pike Place Market


After the Seahawks romp over the Green Bay Packers in the opening game of the 2014 NFL season, the 12th Man was expecting another run to the Super Bowl in 2015. Perhaps Seattleites should expect to play Denver again in the “Weed Bowl” rather than the Super Bowl this year?

Since the dominating performance over the Packers in early September, the Seahawks have not resembled last year’s championship team by any measure.  The Seahawks pass rush has struggled this year and, as a result, interceptions and forced turnovers have taken a nose-dive. The running game has not been consistent and receivers can’t separate and make big plays. The Hawks special teams, a shining star last year, lost the Rams game when they were fooled by a couple of trick plays that resulted in touchdowns.

At 4-3, the Seahawks are still in contention for the playoffs but, given they are in the toughest division in the NFL, a run for the Super Bowl doesn’t seem likely this year. I’m guessing that they will need at least a 10-6 record to make the playoffs this year. Given they still have two games against the Cardinals and 49ers, and an away game at the Eagles, the odds of reaching 10 wins are not good.  Meanwhile, the 6-1 Broncos, sporting a much improved defense, look unstoppable and appear poised to win it all. But, the parity-focused NFL, is unpredictable and anything is possible. At least this Seahawks fan hopes so.




NFC Championship Inequality Equation: 12 + 3 > 49

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Jan 172014
The 12th Man at CenturyLink Field

The 12th Man at CenturyLink Field

My daughter is learning about inequality equations at school this week and, while helping her come up with some examples, I thought of a fitting one for this weekend’s NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and the 49ers.

12 + 3 > 49

That is, the key to a Seahawks victory is to maximize our home field advantage with the “12th Man” and improve the play of its QB Russell Wilson. For Seattle to beat the red-hot 49ers, the home team will need the fans to step up their disruptive antics and Wilson will need to step up his passing game.  If numbers 12 and 3 can perform at their usual high level, the Seahawks will win a close battle.

The Seahawks have been the talk of the town this week and people here are super excited about the prospect of seeing Seattle win its first Super Bowl in a couple of weeks. We just wish we had an easier opponent this weekend. 

The 49ers are probably a tougher test for the Seahawks than either of the AFC teams they would face if they were to advance to the Super Bowl.

It’s going to be a tough, hard-fought game with the outcome likely to be decided in the last couple of minutes. I’m really hoping that my inequality equation is correct.






“Beast Quake II” at Saints – Seahawks Game

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Jan 132014
Saints vs Seahawks Game at CenturyLink

Saints vs Seahawks Game at CenturyLink

It was quite an experience Saturday as the Seahawks beat down the Saints in a NFC divisional game at CenturyLink Field.  The Seahawks were leading comfortably most of the game but, as the Saints suddenly closed the margin in the 4th quarter, fans around me became a little anxious. However, that anxiety was quickly relived by a clutch 31-yard TD run with a few minutes left in the game by “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch.

As they did against the very same Saints team in the 2011 playoffs, ecstatic 12th Man fans shook up the ground under the stadium causing a minor earthquake, “Beast Quake II.”

By winning the game, the Seahawks will host this Sunday’s highly anticipated NFC Championship game against the arch-rival 49ers! Well, the 49ers, being from California, should be used to feeling earthquakes, right? Let’s make them feel at home and generate a few more earthquakes for our guests at this Sunday’s showdown.



49ers Struck by Seahawks’ Lightning

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Sep 182013
Seahawks fans cheer after scoring against 49ers

Seahawks fans cheer after scoring against 49ers

My son and I went to the historic Seahawks – 49ers game on Sunday and we were not disappointed. But the eventual thrashing of the 49ers, who were ranked #1 in most NFL polls, was not so obvious during the first quarter when both defenses were equally strong and both offenses were equally weak. Both Seahawks and 49er fans had a lot to think about during the one hour delay when the game was suspended due to lightning activity in the area.

The Seahawks, apparently energized by the storm delay, came out and owned the 49ers  for the rest of the game. The 49ers’ QB, Colin Kaepernick, was constantly stymied with his receivers all tightly covered by the Seattle corner backs. Seattle’s defense at home simply looks unstoppable.

The crowd was equally insurmountable. We broke the world record for the loudest stadium not once but twice; the record now stands at 136.6 decibels! Fortunately, we brought along earplugs which helped prevent damage to our eardrums. It was great being part of a Guinness world record.  Hopefully, the Seahawks will break another record this season and win their first Super Bowl…


Jan 152013
Seahawks logo

Seahawks logo

After the painful first half of the Seahawks – Falcons game on Sunday, I thought this exciting season for the Seahawks was going to end on a big thud. Down by 20 points, their offense was futile and their defense probably couldn’t stop a high school running back. But with every touchdown they scored in the fourth quarter, I started wondering if I was watching the greatest comeback in NFL playoff history.

When the Seahawks took a one point lead with 31 seconds left, I was convinced that Atlanta’s winless streak in the playoffs was safe. But, the highs of Seahawks fans were quickly dashed by a couple of excellent passes by Matt Ryan (and poor pass coverage by the Seahawks) followed by a game-winning field goal by Matt Bryant. What a painful finish.

As depressing as the game was on Sunday, many Seahawks fans realize that this team’s future is extremely bright. With the second youngest roster in the NFL, the Seahawks have almost all the talent needed to be an elite team for years. The biggest factor for this surprising season is undoubtedly our rookie QB Russell Wilson who broke several NFL and franchise records. It is so refreshing to see an athlete with physical skills, intelligence, humility, and an extreme work ethic.

It’s been many years since Seahawks fans have fielded a team that is competitive with any other NFL team. A team that will always compete and never give up. By addressing just a couple of missing pieces in the draft or free agency, most notably some  decent pass-rushers, the Seahawks can be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.  I’m already looking forward to the 2013 season.





Dec 242012
Seahawks game at CenturyLink

Seahawks game at CenturyLink

I thought the hyped-up duel between the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson and 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick was going to be close last night. Boy, was I wrong! Instead, Wilson and the Seahawks totally washed out Kaepernick’s 49ers on a cold rainy Northwest evening in front of a national audience on Sunday Night Football. In doing so, Seattle clinched a playoff spot and stayed in the hunt for the NFC West division title.

Wilson went 15/21 (71%) for 171 yards with 4 passing touchdowns. Kaepernick was 19/36 (53%) for 244 yards with one touchdown. And Wilson clearly showed more poise and had a much better clutch performance than Kaepernick. The duel clearly went to Wilson who needs one more touchdown to tie Peyton Manning’s record for most touchdowns by a rookie QB.

With the Seattle defense AND offense showing up big time last night, the Seahawks made it look easy in dominating the number one ranked team in the NFL. The Seahawks are surging at the right time and can play against any team right now. With their playoff games likely played on the road, however, they will need to put together complete efforts like they have in their last few games. Under Wilson, I think they have a shot in the playoffs. It’s going to be an interesting post-season.




Russell Wilson Vs. Colin Kaepernick: Who Will Win?

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Dec 222012
Seahawks game at CenturyLink

Seahawks game at CenturyLink

Tomorrow is the big showdown between the 9-5 Seahawks and the 10-3-1 49ers at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. The whole city seems to be pumped up and looking forward to watching the showdown between these two playoff-bound teams. The NFL agrees that this game will be a classic showdown and flexed the game to Sunday Night Football.

Both the Seahawks and 49ers are red-hot and led by young QBs with amazing promise. Arguably, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are two of the best young QBs in the NFL. Based on their stellar play and leadership this year, the Seahawks and 49ers have found their franchise QBs for the next several years.

Kaepernick toasted the New England Patriots last week with four touchdown passes. Since he started in place of Alex Smith, Kaepernick’s Total QBR is 79.5, only trailing Peyton Manning. He has led the 49ers to a 4-1 record since he was named the starter in Week 11.

Not to be outdone, Wilson threw one touchdown and ran for another three TDs last week in a total domination of the Buffalo Bills. Wilson has 21 touchdown passes as a rookie tying him for second place with Cam Newton. He will surely pass Newton with two games remaining.

Who will win tomorrow? It’s a toss-up according to the betting odds. All I know is that it will be great physical game. But with a perfect record at home this year, I am hoping that the Seahawks will claim their playoff spot tomorrow.



Seahawks’ Unbelievable Rally to Edge Patriots

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Oct 152012


Seahawks rally to beat the Patriots 24-23

Seahawks rally to beat the Patriots 24-23

Yesterday, I witnessed one of the best Seahawks comeback victories (I know, there hasn’t been very many of them) in recent memory at CenturyLink Field.  The Seahawks, down by 13 points in the fourth quarter, came storming back to beat the Patriots 24-23.

Two of the most impressive aspects of the game were the Seahawks defense coming through with clutch stops under pressure and the long passes by QB Russell Wilson. The Hawks’ defense has come through time and time again this year, keeping the Seahawks competitive in every game this season.

Russell Wilson looked good with some long completions early in the game. And he made a clutch pass at the end to win the game. Wilson finished 16 of 27 for 293 yards, his best performance of the year. But it was clear that Russell Wilson is no Tom Brady. The Patriots QB was extremely impressive to see in live action. Super poised in the pocket, he simply picked his targets and delivered a laser pass for a completion. He made it look effortless. It was only when the Seahawks finally pressured him late in the game did his smoothness and accuracy fall apart in the final minutes of the game.

Just like they did when in the final seconds of the recent Seahawks-Packers game, the stadium went berserk when Sidney Rice caught a deep ball from Wilson for a touchdown with about a minute left in the game. The fans, myself included, were in utter disbelief. Yes, we imagined the home team could win after the previous touchdown but few of us thought they would actually pull it off.

Seahawks fans are not used to big come back victories. Maybe we should get used to them?


Seahawks Defense Sends Packers Packing on MNF

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Sep 252012

Seahawks Packers MNF game 9/24/12

What an amazing game and finish for my first Monday Night Football game last night. I’ve been to many loud Seahawks home games but this one may have been the most sustained volume throughout an entire game.

I was somewhat surprised by how many Packers fans were at the game. In fact, I was surrounded by dozens of yellow cheesehead hats.

In the first half, the Seattle defense was incredible making eight sacks of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers simply did not have a chance to play his usual passing game. With the Seahawks leading 7-0 at halftime, I thought we were headed for a comfortable victory. The beginning of the second half quickly reminded me that we were playing the Green Bay Packers.

After the first few successful drives by the Packers and the weak offense of the Seahawks in the third quarter, I was very worried that the Seahawks were destined to lose the game. Aaron Rodgers was incredible in making clutch third down passes. And when the Packers took the lead 12-7 with 8 minutes to go, many Seattle fans started leaving. Little did they know what would transpire with seconds to go.

On 4th down with only eight seconds to go, Russell Wilson throws a Hail Mary pass to the end zone. As the ball sails through the air, the crowd is almost completely silent. Then a crowd of Seahawks and Packers swallow the ball and, seconds later, an official raises his hands to signal a touchdown. That’s when the stadium goes berserk! The eruption reminded me of the great Marshawn Lynch run during the Saints game that caused an earthquake in Seattle.

Only when I get home and listen to coverage do I realize the touchdown with zero seconds left was a controversial call. With all the bad calls against the Seahawks during the game, I’ll take the call at the end.

It was probably the most exciting Seahawks game I’ve been to. Let’s see if they can keep us fans excited this entire season. Go Seahawks!


Aug 152012


Seahawks game

Seahawks game

I missed the first Seahawks preseason game last Saturday but did watch a recorded version yesterday. I was a little anxious to see the Seahawks’ QB hopefuls, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson, in a “real” game scenario. Granted, preseason games don’t mean much, but I was pleased with what I saw from both of them.

Flynn looked like he could drive an offense with short crisp passes and decisive play-making. He completed 11 of 13 passes for a 85% completion rate and Wilson was 12 for 16 with a touchdown run. Wilson looked like the closest thing the Seahawks have had in a double threat (pass-run) in many years. Do we now have a mini-Cam Newton?

Matt Hasselbeck, in his return to Seattle, looked pretty bad for the Titans. He made some awful passes like he did for the Seahawks during his last years.

True to last year’s form, the Seahawks first string defense looked very good even without the opening interception and defensive touchdown. I’m confident that the Seahawks will be a top 10 defense this year. If so, they may have a shot at winning the NFC West.

I’m looking forward to watching this Saturday’s game against the Broncos and Peyton Manning. Matt Flynn will get the start again and I expect Wilson will play the second half again. If they play like they did last week, I suspect Tarvaris Jackson’s days in Seattle will be short. Maybe the Seahawks will finally have a QB who can command the offense?