Redmond Watershed Preserve Hike

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Oct 142014
Hiking trail in the Redmond Watershed Preserve

Hiking trail in the Redmond Watershed Preserve

Here are some photos from my hike in the Redmond Watershed Preserve the other day with my daughter and her friends. There’s a decent network of trails for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians although we saw mostly trail runners that day. All the trails are wide, level, and well maintained and great for small kids. We saw and heard a wide variety of birds, small mammals, lizards, plants, fungi, and people!

Lizard at the Redmond Watershed Preserve

Lizard in the Redmond Watershed Preserve


Mushrooms at the Redmond Watershed PreserveMushrooms at the Redmond Watershed Preserve

Mushrooms in the Redmond Watershed Preserve


Fungi growing on trees in the Redmond Watershed Preserve

Fungi growing on trees in the Redmond Watershed Preserve



Mount Baker – Easton Glacier

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Mar 312012

Looking up the Easton Glacier on the south side of Mount Baker to the summit.  Notice the three people in the lower right corner giving scale.

Sun setting behind the Black Buttes adjoining Mount Baker.

A view of contrasts, textures, and planes of color from high on the Easton glacier.

A backcountry camp at 7000 feet on the Easton Glacier with the Twin Sisters in the background to the left viewed from the East.


Upgrade Project at Snoqualmie Falls

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Mar 302012
Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

When out-of-town guests visit and want to see something close by that represents Washington, I immediately think of Snoqualmie Falls, a cascade flowing some 268 feet over sheer granite cliffs. It’s a short 25 miles from Seattle, but the Falls and surrounding towns will make you believe otherwise as their charm takes you back in time.

Be warned. Bring a rain jacket if you don’t want to get wet. Even on mildly windy days, the mist from the Falls will blow onto the observation areas.

Upgrade project at Snoqualmie Falls

Construction equipment at Snoqualmie Falls

There are two hydroelectric power plants at the Falls operated by Puget Sound Energy. The two powerhouses were built in 1898 and 1910, respectively. The power company is in the middle of a multi-year upgrade project to update the power plant and enhance the trails, picnic areas, and visitors’ areas. Construction equipment can be seen at the head of the Falls.

The hiking trail to the bottom of the Falls is closed until March 2013 due to the upgrade project. When it re-opens, I highly recommend the family friendly hike down which descends about 300 feet. Seeing the foot of the magnificent Falls gives you an appreciation of the power of falling water.

On the way out, train buffs may also want to catch the Northwest Railroad Museum nearby.



Outdoor Links: Huge Rivers and Mythical Beasts

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Mar 212012

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