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After being shutout in the first half and trailing the Green Bay Packers 19-7 with about 4 minutes to go, many a 12th Man, including myself, were doubting the Seahawks were capable of staging such a historic comeback.  It was perhaps the greatest playoff comeback victory I’ve seen in many years.

With 5 turnovers, including 4 interceptions against Wilson, I thought the Seahawks played their worst game in the Wilson era. But as bad as Russell Wilson and the offense was in the first half, the defense was just as good and kept them from being blown out at home. When the chips were all on the line, Wilson, once again, came through by driving the offense to two TDs in 44 seconds. And in OT, Wilson knew he couldn’t give Aaron Rogers a chance to win the game, so he fired a 35-yard touchdown to win the game on the first possession. I’ll never doubt my home team again.

From an objective standpoint, the better team on Sunday didn’t win. If the Seahawks are going to repeat as Super Bowl champs in two weeks, they’ll need to play much better from start to finish against the Patriots. It’s going to be a great battle with New England in Arizona in two weeks; I’m hoping that the Seahawks won’t be giving me any reason to doubt them again.




Seahawks Defense Sends Packers Packing on MNF

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Sep 252012

Seahawks Packers MNF game 9/24/12

What an amazing game and finish for my first Monday Night Football game last night. I’ve been to many loud Seahawks home games but this one may have been the most sustained volume throughout an entire game.

I was somewhat surprised by how many Packers fans were at the game. In fact, I was surrounded by dozens of yellow cheesehead hats.

In the first half, the Seattle defense was incredible making eight sacks of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers simply did not have a chance to play his usual passing game. With the Seahawks leading 7-0 at halftime, I thought we were headed for a comfortable victory. The beginning of the second half quickly reminded me that we were playing the Green Bay Packers.

After the first few successful drives by the Packers and the weak offense of the Seahawks in the third quarter, I was very worried that the Seahawks were destined to lose the game. Aaron Rodgers was incredible in making clutch third down passes. And when the Packers took the lead 12-7 with 8 minutes to go, many Seattle fans started leaving. Little did they know what would transpire with seconds to go.

On 4th down with only eight seconds to go, Russell Wilson throws a Hail Mary pass to the end zone. As the ball sails through the air, the crowd is almost completely silent. Then a crowd of Seahawks and Packers swallow the ball and, seconds later, an official raises his hands to signal a touchdown. That’s when the stadium goes berserk! The eruption reminded me of the great Marshawn Lynch run during the Saints game that caused an earthquake in Seattle.

Only when I get home and listen to coverage do I realize the touchdown with zero seconds left was a controversial call. With all the bad calls against the Seahawks during the game, I’ll take the call at the end.

It was probably the most exciting Seahawks game I’ve been to. Let’s see if they can keep us fans excited this entire season. Go Seahawks!