Feb 052014
Seahawks Super Bowl Celebration at CenturyLink

Seahawks Super Bowl Celebration at CenturyLink

I pulled my kids out of school a little early today to attend the very first Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade in downtown Seattle. As I drove, I sensed that there would be a huge crowd today when, many miles away from our destination,  we started seeing fans walking downtown. Needless to say, traffic was a nightmare as it took three times as long as usual to drive downtown.

With an estimated crowd of 700,000 people, this is the largest gathering I have ever seen in Seattle. As we walked toward CenturyLink stadium, it was quite amazing to see the wide mix of people coming out to see the team parade from downtown to the stadium. The 12th Man was represented by people from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Certainly a lot more families with younger kids came out than you usually see at a Seahawks game.

The fans were loud and boisterous as usual at the CenturyLink victory celebration at the end of the parade. Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and others told an elated 12th Man that 2014 would be the first of other Super Bowls to come. With such a young and deep roster, the talk of a football dynasty in the Northwest is totally within reason.

With the Super Bowl over and a long seven months until the first regular season game, people in Washington State will need to fill up their free time with other interests. Luckily there’s plenty to enjoy during the spring and summer here in the Pacific Northwest. After several months of sitting in front of the TV on Sundays, I’m looking forward to getting outside again.