Saving for a Rainy Season: Seahawks Piggy Bank

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Dec 102014
Seahawks piggy bank

Seahawks piggy bank


The Seahawks piggy bank that HomeStreet Bank is giving away free to Seahawks ticket holders is coming at just the right time. The 12th Man has been saving some extra mojo since the beginning of the season for a rainy day (which is almost every day between November and May). It’s been do-or-die time in recent weeks so it’s time to break the bank. Pete Carroll recently cracked open the team’s piggy bank to unleash the pent-up #1 dominant defense from last season.

In the last three games, the Seahawks D has come through big time, holding the Cardinals, 49ers and Eagles to an average of 169 yards of offense and 6.7 points per game! Three games ago, the Seahawks had the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL, so I thought that they would at best slide into a wild card playoff slot. Now, with 3 wins behind them, there’s a real possibility that they can win the NFC West by sweeping their last 3 games. That’s going to be a huge task but I’m betting the bank on another NFC West title.