Jan 182015
12th Man Flag

12th Man Flag


After being shutout in the first half and trailing the Green Bay Packers 19-7 with about 4 minutes to go, many a 12th Man, including myself, were doubting the Seahawks were capable of staging such a historic comeback.  It was perhaps the greatest playoff comeback victory I’ve seen in many years.

With 5 turnovers, including 4 interceptions against Wilson, I thought the Seahawks played their worst game in the Wilson era. But as bad as Russell Wilson and the offense was in the first half, the defense was just as good and kept them from being blown out at home. When the chips were all on the line, Wilson, once again, came through by driving the offense to two TDs in 44 seconds. And in OT, Wilson knew he couldn’t give Aaron Rogers a chance to win the game, so he fired a 35-yard touchdown to win the game on the first possession. I’ll never doubt my home team again.

From an objective standpoint, the better team on Sunday didn’t win. If the Seahawks are going to repeat as Super Bowl champs in two weeks, they’ll need to play much better from start to finish against the Patriots. It’s going to be a great battle with New England in Arizona in two weeks; I’m hoping that the Seahawks won’t be giving me any reason to doubt them again.




Road to NFC Championship Goes Through Seattle Again!

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Dec 282014
Seahawks Team Intro at Rams GameSeahawks Team Intro at Rams GameSeahawks Team Intro at Rams Game

Seahawks Team Intros at Rams Game


For the second year in a row, the road to the NFC Championship and a berth at the next Super Bowl goes through Seattle thanks to a 20-6 win over the Rams. But the game was neither easy nor pretty.

Along with more than 68,000 fellow fans, I was confident of a Seahawks win today but that confidence was tested with each Seattle turnover. Held scoreless in the first half, the Seahawks’ offense was as chilly as December in Seattle. But the defense came through once again in the second half with some game changing plays by two of my favorite players, Earl Thomas and Bobby Wagner.

Possessing home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, the Seahawks are now well positioned for an extended run to another Super Bowl. As was the case last year, I’m expecting to see the 12th Man on full display in the streets for the next several weeks. I’m just hoping it’ll last through the first week in February!

Dec 212014
Seattle Seahawks logo

Seattle Seahawks logo


Although the oddsmakers spotted the Cardinals eight points versus the Seahawks tonight, I wasn’t confident that it would be a sure game for Seattle. I thought they would win only by a field goal or two but they ended up stomping the Cardinals 35-6! In fact, Seattle gained 596 yards tonight, a franchise record.

I must admit that I was a little nervous during the first half when the Seahawks had multiple chances to build on their lead but they didn’t hit any of their three field goal attempts. But any hope that the Cardinals would pull out a big comeback quickly evaporated with the Beasts’ magnificent 79-yard touchdown run.

Barring a couple of highly unlikely scenarios next week, the Seahawks would get the #1 seed and have home field advantage throughout the playoffs if they beat the Rams. The last time they did that, they won a pretty big, shiny trophy.

I’m looking forward to taking my son to the Seahawks-Rams game next Sunday. Hopefully, we’ll see the same Seattle team that showed up big time in Arizona this evening. It’s going to be loud to say the least.


Saving for a Rainy Season: Seahawks Piggy Bank

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Dec 102014
Seahawks piggy bank

Seahawks piggy bank


The Seahawks piggy bank that HomeStreet Bank is giving away free to Seahawks ticket holders is coming at just the right time. The 12th Man has been saving some extra mojo since the beginning of the season for a rainy day (which is almost every day between November and May). It’s been do-or-die time in recent weeks so it’s time to break the bank. Pete Carroll recently cracked open the team’s piggy bank to unleash the pent-up #1 dominant defense from last season.

In the last three games, the Seahawks D has come through big time, holding the Cardinals, 49ers and Eagles to an average of 169 yards of offense and 6.7 points per game! Three games ago, the Seahawks had the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL, so I thought that they would at best slide into a wild card playoff slot. Now, with 3 wins behind them, there’s a real possibility that they can win the NFC West by sweeping their last 3 games. That’s going to be a huge task but I’m betting the bank on another NFC West title.


Nov 292014
Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving feast


It was quite a Thanksgiving Day this year. We went to a neighbor’s house for a Thanksgiving feast that did not disappoint in many ways–great company, great food, and great outcomes. Spending Thanksgiving with 20 family members and friends was just about right. Just enough people to get that homey feeling of a large family gathering but not so many guests as to make you feel overwhelmed.

The food was fantastic! Starting off the pregame feast, the spicy jumbo grilled shrimp were outstanding; each bite was succulent and tangy. Other appetizers included smoked salmon, salmon ceviche, mini pigs (piglets?) in a blanket, and cheese and crackers. I could hardly eat anymore after indulging in the delicious starters, but I found the will to tackle the main courses.

In addition to the standard roast turkey and mashed potatoes, we enjoyed honey ham, salad, green beans with black beans, and sweet potato fries. We then waited until halftime of the Seahawks game when we kicked off desert with homemade apple pie with ice cream, apple crisp, white chocolate grapefruit pie, and raspberry covered chocolate cake. I should have punted after the apple pie but I just couldn’t resist and take a knee. I ended up eating three deserts. I should have been flagged and penalized a 10 mile run right then and there but it was not called because all the refs were pigging out too!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving day without football. The special treat this year for Seattle fans was the Seahawks – 49ers game, the last game of the triple header. The 12th Man in Seattle was very anxious before the game since we need that the loser would probably be knocked out of playoff contention. I was hoping that the Seahawks would figure out a way to kick a field goal to win it at the last minute in a tight, low scoring battle. Most of the football pundits also thought it would be a close game but most of them were betting on the 49ers to win at home. Little did they know…

What a game it was (especially on a 80 inch TV)! The Seahawks totally dominated the 49ers defensively holding San Francisco to 164 total yards of offense. It wasn’t close. Yes, Seattle could have been more productive in the red zone but they only needed one touchdown to win this game. The 12th Man hasn’t been as optimistic about the Seahawks making the playoffs since the first game of the season against the Packers. With games against the Eagles, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams remaining, the road to a playoff spot is still riddled with powerful land mines, but I can see the faint light at the end of the tunnel and it looks bright.

Hopeful in Seattle…

Nov 252014
Seahawks beat Cardinals 19-3 at CenturyLinkSeahawks beat Cardinals 19-3 at CenturyLink

Seahawks beat Cardinals 19-3 at CenturyLink


Despite the final score, it was quite a nerve-racking game at CenturyLink this Sunday. It was do-or-die time for the Seahawks against the Cardinals, who came into Seattle as the NFL’s top team at 9-1. When the Seahawks failed to convert a touchdown on their first few trips to the red zone, I got a sinking feeling that the Cardinals would ultimately rally back in the second half. But, alas, the Seahawks suffocating defense from their Super Bowl season showed up on Sunday and the Cardinals would go home to Arizona with a single field goal! With a better QB than Drew Stanton though, the Cardinals could have fared much better.

Just the day before the game, the forecast called for rain and winds up to 20 mph in Seattle. Instead, we had temps in the 50s and sunny skies at the game! Perhaps it’s an omen for a stellar season finish for the Seahawks?

With remaining games against the 49ers (twice), Cardinals, Eagles and Rams, the Seahawks have the NFL’s toughest remaining schedule. They will need to win at least 3 more games to have a decent shot at one of the wildcard spots.

The first test for the Seahawks will be Thanksgiving Day at the 49ers. It will be a close game and I’m hoping I won’t get indigestion while watching it.

Oct 292014
Weed Bowl Tshirt at Pike Place Market

Weed Bowl T-shirt at Pike Place Market


After the Seahawks romp over the Green Bay Packers in the opening game of the 2014 NFL season, the 12th Man was expecting another run to the Super Bowl in 2015. Perhaps Seattleites should expect to play Denver again in the “Weed Bowl” rather than the Super Bowl this year?

Since the dominating performance over the Packers in early September, the Seahawks have not resembled last year’s championship team by any measure.  The Seahawks pass rush has struggled this year and, as a result, interceptions and forced turnovers have taken a nose-dive. The running game has not been consistent and receivers can’t separate and make big plays. The Hawks special teams, a shining star last year, lost the Rams game when they were fooled by a couple of trick plays that resulted in touchdowns.

At 4-3, the Seahawks are still in contention for the playoffs but, given they are in the toughest division in the NFL, a run for the Super Bowl doesn’t seem likely this year. I’m guessing that they will need at least a 10-6 record to make the playoffs this year. Given they still have two games against the Cardinals and 49ers, and an away game at the Eagles, the odds of reaching 10 wins are not good.  Meanwhile, the 6-1 Broncos, sporting a much improved defense, look unstoppable and appear poised to win it all. But, the parity-focused NFL, is unpredictable and anything is possible. At least this Seahawks fan hopes so.



Feb 052014
Seahawks Super Bowl Celebration at CenturyLink

Seahawks Super Bowl Celebration at CenturyLink

I pulled my kids out of school a little early today to attend the very first Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade in downtown Seattle. As I drove, I sensed that there would be a huge crowd today when, many miles away from our destination,  we started seeing fans walking downtown. Needless to say, traffic was a nightmare as it took three times as long as usual to drive downtown.

With an estimated crowd of 700,000 people, this is the largest gathering I have ever seen in Seattle. As we walked toward CenturyLink stadium, it was quite amazing to see the wide mix of people coming out to see the team parade from downtown to the stadium. The 12th Man was represented by people from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Certainly a lot more families with younger kids came out than you usually see at a Seahawks game.

The fans were loud and boisterous as usual at the CenturyLink victory celebration at the end of the parade. Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and others told an elated 12th Man that 2014 would be the first of other Super Bowls to come. With such a young and deep roster, the talk of a football dynasty in the Northwest is totally within reason.

With the Super Bowl over and a long seven months until the first regular season game, people in Washington State will need to fill up their free time with other interests. Luckily there’s plenty to enjoy during the spring and summer here in the Pacific Northwest. After several months of sitting in front of the TV on Sundays, I’m looking forward to getting outside again.






Orange Crushed! Seahawks Dominate Broncos

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Feb 032014
The 12th Man - Super Bowl Champs!

The 12th Man – Super Bowl Champs!

What a dominating performance by the Seahawks last night in crushing the big Orange (aka the best offense in NFL history)! In contrast to the earlier Seahawks playoff games this season, there was never a doubt about the outcome of the game after the first few minutes. Even though I was somewhat confident of a Seahawks victory, I was quite anxious prior to kickoff because most of the “experts” had predicted a Broncos victory. In fact, many respected pundits predicted that Peyton Manning would carve up the Seahawks in a run away victory.

But those pundits underestimated the Seattle defense and the 12th man. Once again, the 12th Man made a huge difference in the outcome of a game. Indeed, the first Broncos snap that resulted in a safety was caused when the traveling 12th Man made so much noise that the offensive line did not hear Peyton Manning’s count.

Yesterday’s dominating victory was the final exclamation mark on the best season I have experienced as a Seahawks fan. With such a young roster, Seattle fans are thinking this season is the first of several trips to the Super Bowl. Perhaps it’s the start of a “Seattle Reign?” But first things first. I’m looking forward to attending the first Super Bowl parade in Seattle history this Wednesday. 




The 12th Man: Restless in Seattle

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Jan 302014
The 12th man flag

The 12th man flag

The 12th Man (and Woman) has totally taken over the Seattle area since the Seahawks won a heart-stopping battle against the 49ers a week and a half ago in the NFC Championships. You see Seahawks gear, flags, signs, and colors everywhere you go. In fact, I saw a small airplane dragging a 12th man flag this afternoon around my neighborhood. I’ve never seen such a motley collection of people come out of the woodwork to root for the Seahawks.  In a world that seems to be constantly divided, it’s good to see almost everyone around you unified on something for a change!

The media bombardment over the last week has been overwhelming. National coverage of Richard Sherman’s rant at the end of the 49ers game still continues almost two weeks afterwards. Stories about Peyton Manning’s legacy (or lack thereof if he doesn’t win another Super Bowl) dominate the headlines. The Super Bowl is being framed as an epic battle between the best offense and the best defense. Some of the media is even painting Super Bowl XLVIII as a morality play between the good guys (Broncos) and the bad guys (Seahawks).  Enough already.

Many fans I know, including myself, are restless in Seattle. Let’s stop all the analysis and get on with the game already! There’s way too much hype and controversy development. I’m eager to escape for four hours and enjoy good food and company along with 100+ million others this Sunday. And I’m looking forward to the first Super Bowl victory parade in Seattle next week…