Deflated in Seattle After Super Bowl

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Feb 022015


Deflated ball after Super Bowl

Deflated ball after Super Bowl

Seahawks fans like myself are still processing what happened in the final 30 seconds of the Super Bowl last night. The team hung like bulldogs with the Patriots in the first half, endured dancing sharks at halftime, and then took a 10 point lead in the third quarter. It sure looked like a another Seahawks victory over a future Hall of Fame QB and the first repeat Super Bowl Champion in the last decade.

But Tom Brady showed the nation why he is an elite QB in the 4th quarter. When the Patriots took the lead again after two long drives under his crisp and decisive passing, our spirits were deflated with only a couple of minutes left in the game.

Our hopes were once again boosted by Jermaine Kearse’s juggling catch on his back. With less than 30 seconds to go and the ball on the 1-yard line on 2nd down, a rushing TD by Beastmode was all but a given. I was ready to celebrate another roller coaster Seahawks win with our 30 Super Bowl party guests. But no mini-earthquakes occurred in Seattle last night. When the Patriots intercepted the ball on the incredulous pass play to Lockette, all energy and hope was suddenly and totally deflated.

Without a doubt, the Seahawks lost due to poor play calling at the end but they also had their chances to stop the Patriots offense in the final quarter but simply didn’t. Fans and analysts will continue to criticize the play call for months and even years to come but there’s little benefit to dwelling on what could or should have happened.

February in the Northwest is rainy and dreary with limited outdoor distractions. The Super Bowl loss will add to the normal gloom. But I’m grateful for the Seahawks exciting and dramatic run to get to their consecutive Super Bowl this season. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long seven months until the next run.


Feb 052014
Seahawks Super Bowl Celebration at CenturyLink

Seahawks Super Bowl Celebration at CenturyLink

I pulled my kids out of school a little early today to attend the very first Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade in downtown Seattle. As I drove, I sensed that there would be a huge crowd today when, many miles away from our destination,  we started seeing fans walking downtown. Needless to say, traffic was a nightmare as it took three times as long as usual to drive downtown.

With an estimated crowd of 700,000 people, this is the largest gathering I have ever seen in Seattle. As we walked toward CenturyLink stadium, it was quite amazing to see the wide mix of people coming out to see the team parade from downtown to the stadium. The 12th Man was represented by people from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Certainly a lot more families with younger kids came out than you usually see at a Seahawks game.

The fans were loud and boisterous as usual at the CenturyLink victory celebration at the end of the parade. Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and others told an elated 12th Man that 2014 would be the first of other Super Bowls to come. With such a young and deep roster, the talk of a football dynasty in the Northwest is totally within reason.

With the Super Bowl over and a long seven months until the first regular season game, people in Washington State will need to fill up their free time with other interests. Luckily there’s plenty to enjoy during the spring and summer here in the Pacific Northwest. After several months of sitting in front of the TV on Sundays, I’m looking forward to getting outside again.






Orange Crushed! Seahawks Dominate Broncos

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Feb 032014
The 12th Man - Super Bowl Champs!

The 12th Man – Super Bowl Champs!

What a dominating performance by the Seahawks last night in crushing the big Orange (aka the best offense in NFL history)! In contrast to the earlier Seahawks playoff games this season, there was never a doubt about the outcome of the game after the first few minutes. Even though I was somewhat confident of a Seahawks victory, I was quite anxious prior to kickoff because most of the “experts” had predicted a Broncos victory. In fact, many respected pundits predicted that Peyton Manning would carve up the Seahawks in a run away victory.

But those pundits underestimated the Seattle defense and the 12th man. Once again, the 12th Man made a huge difference in the outcome of a game. Indeed, the first Broncos snap that resulted in a safety was caused when the traveling 12th Man made so much noise that the offensive line did not hear Peyton Manning’s count.

Yesterday’s dominating victory was the final exclamation mark on the best season I have experienced as a Seahawks fan. With such a young roster, Seattle fans are thinking this season is the first of several trips to the Super Bowl. Perhaps it’s the start of a “Seattle Reign?” But first things first. I’m looking forward to attending the first Super Bowl parade in Seattle history this Wednesday. 




The 12th Man: Restless in Seattle

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Jan 302014
The 12th man flag

The 12th man flag

The 12th Man (and Woman) has totally taken over the Seattle area since the Seahawks won a heart-stopping battle against the 49ers a week and a half ago in the NFC Championships. You see Seahawks gear, flags, signs, and colors everywhere you go. In fact, I saw a small airplane dragging a 12th man flag this afternoon around my neighborhood. I’ve never seen such a motley collection of people come out of the woodwork to root for the Seahawks.  In a world that seems to be constantly divided, it’s good to see almost everyone around you unified on something for a change!

The media bombardment over the last week has been overwhelming. National coverage of Richard Sherman’s rant at the end of the 49ers game still continues almost two weeks afterwards. Stories about Peyton Manning’s legacy (or lack thereof if he doesn’t win another Super Bowl) dominate the headlines. The Super Bowl is being framed as an epic battle between the best offense and the best defense. Some of the media is even painting Super Bowl XLVIII as a morality play between the good guys (Broncos) and the bad guys (Seahawks).  Enough already.

Many fans I know, including myself, are restless in Seattle. Let’s stop all the analysis and get on with the game already! There’s way too much hype and controversy development. I’m eager to escape for four hours and enjoy good food and company along with 100+ million others this Sunday. And I’m looking forward to the first Super Bowl victory parade in Seattle next week…



Super Menu for Super Bowl Potluck

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Feb 042013
Super Bowl potluck

Super Bowl potluck

We hosted an excellent, delicious Super Bowl potluck at our house yesterday. Five other families came over to indulge in football, food and friendship. Watching the Super Bowl with friends and family is one of the quintessential American traditions.

In the end, the food turned out to be more exciting than the game in my mind. (Unless, of course, the 49ers actually managed to score the last-minute touchdown.)

Our potluck menu included:

  • Smoked coho salmon with crackers and lime cream sauce
  • Gravlax with mini-bagels and cream cheese
  • Sausage balls with mustard sauce
  • Sushi platter
  • Cheese pastry puffs
  • Fresh veggie platter
  • Pork chili
  • Teriyaki chicken skewers
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Brownies
  • Apple turnovers
  • Vanilla and chocolate ice cream