Mar 172012

The northwest weather can be grim at times from, optimistically, November through February.  An escape to a warmer climate can be a delight during this period.  Among the many convenient destinations easily reached from the Northwest are Southern California (Palm Springs, San Diego, etc.), Arizona, and Hawaii.

Traveling to these locations in the winter can be a real delight.  The contrast in climate definitely heightens one’s appreciation.  Going from 40 degree rain and wind to this type of scene (of Marriott Ko Olina Beach Resort on Oahu) is a shock:


A beach on the leeward side of Oahu:

On the trail to Manoa Falls outside of Honolulu:

Fort DeRussy Park in Honolulu:

An annual wintertime visit to a warm, sunny destination would be a very nice, therapeutic habit for any Northwest resident.




Withstanding Wet Wintry Weather

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Mar 142012

Wet wintry weather with a dusting of snow

Wet wintry weather with a dusting of snow

Yesterday, we had rain, freezing rain, hail, snow, and a little sunshine in the Seattle area! Today, I woke up to a dusting of snow and driving rain. I must admit, sometimes the dark, wet days of winter in the Northwest even get a seasoned Northwesterner like me wondering if I should follow a neighbor who is moving to sunny California in a few weeks.

I noticed that the Pacific Northwest is the coldest region in the country today with a high of 43 in Seattle. It will rain all day long. In contrast, International Falls, MN and Buffalo have predicted highs of 54 and 58, respectively, and both places are sunny today!

But, every dreary winter day, I come to the same conclusion after a couple of minutes of thinking. I can catch wild salmon, ski in several feet of new snow, climb a glacier, hike into an old growth rainforest, and see orca whales all within a couple hour’s drive from my house. No, I have no desire to move anywhere. I’ll take the rain any day.