The 12th Man: Restless in Seattle

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Jan 302014
The 12th man flag

The 12th man flag

The 12th Man (and Woman) has totally taken over the Seattle area since the Seahawks won a heart-stopping battle against the 49ers a week and a half ago in the NFC Championships. You see Seahawks gear, flags, signs, and colors everywhere you go. In fact, I saw a small airplane dragging a 12th man flag this afternoon around my neighborhood. I’ve never seen such a motley collection of people come out of the woodwork to root for the Seahawks.  In a world that seems to be constantly divided, it’s good to see almost everyone around you unified on something for a change!

The media bombardment over the last week has been overwhelming. National coverage of Richard Sherman’s rant at the end of the 49ers game still continues almost two weeks afterwards. Stories about Peyton Manning’s legacy (or lack thereof if he doesn’t win another Super Bowl) dominate the headlines. The Super Bowl is being framed as an epic battle between the best offense and the best defense. Some of the media is even painting Super Bowl XLVIII as a morality play between the good guys (Broncos) and the bad guys (Seahawks).  Enough already.

Many fans I know, including myself, are restless in Seattle. Let’s stop all the analysis and get on with the game already! There’s way too much hype and controversy development. I’m eager to escape for four hours and enjoy good food and company along with 100+ million others this Sunday. And I’m looking forward to the first Super Bowl victory parade in Seattle next week…



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