The Sun is Shining on the Seahawks

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Dec 252015
Sunshine at the Seahawks Browns Game

Sunshine at the Seahawks Browns Game

A strange object in the sky appeared at last Sunday’s Seahawks Browns game. The forecast called for cold and showery weather at game time so 69,000+ fans were shocked when the sun came out for the 12s in December.

The sun warming us after a few weeks of rain. The Seahawks dominating again and winning their fifth consecutive game. Spending quality time with my kids. What else could you ask for?

Well, some people are asking for a third consecutive Super Bowl appearance. A couple of months ago, when Seattle was a losing team, many fans had already pulled the plug on the season. But after winning seven of their last eight games and clinching a playoff spot for the fourth season in a row, the 12s are once again thinking about abundant sunshine at Levi’s Stadium in February. Stay tuned.


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