Will the Seahawks Sign Peyton Manning?

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Mar 112012
Seattle Seahawks at home

Seattle Seahawks at home

Now that Peyton Manning is officially an unrestricted free agent, one of the most exciting free agent periods in recent memory will commence. Possible teams interested in signing him include the Cardinals, Dolphins, Jets, Redskins, and Seahawks. If (this is a big IF) Manning’s arm strength has returned and he can throw like his usual self, he could turn a losing team around on a dime. To gauge his potential impact, just look at how the Colts totally imploded from a 13-3 record to a dismal 2-14 team without him last season.

Provided that he is healthy and can still throw, should the Seahawks try to sign Peyton Manning? The image of Manning in a Seahawks uniform seems odd but imagine him throwing to Sidney Rice, Zach Miller or Doug Baldwin downfield! Most Seahawks fans recognize that Tarvaris Jackson will never be a Pro Bowl QB. He simply doesn’t have the skills or leadership ability to engineer a winning drive when the game is on the line. Jackson needs to be replaced for the Seahawks to become a division contender again.

What are the chances that Seattle could land the coveted #18? The Seahawks have the necessary salary cap space this year to get it done. They also have a resurrected running game thanks to Marshawn Lynch. Thirdly, they have an owner, Paul Allen, who has money to spend. Personally, I prefer that the Seahawks go after a younger QB, either Matt Flynn or drafting a QB in the second round.

Regardless of what happens, the next couple of weeks will be interesting.


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